Four "summer" beers for the finicky drinker

This is aimed towards the average beer drinker who gets scared off at the idea of an India Pale Ale or stout. If you are someone who likes a pint of Molson Canadian or Bud Light Lime, this is for you! Beer snobs, don't frown, check out this piece!

Summer time is coming quickly and that means, lots of patio gatherings, camping and gallons of beer will be consumed. Instead of drinking CLIT (Coors Light Iced T), Bud Light Lime or the usual lagers (Molson Canadian, Coors Light), here are four beers I recommend you to try.

Okanagan Summer Weizen - This is for those Coors Light Iced T fans out there. So you want a nice sweet beer that quenches your thirst, Okanagan's Summer Weizen is a great alternative. The summer weizen has a light taste with a citrusy sweetness of apricot. One of my roommates who generally drinks mainly Lucky Lager bought this the other day and absolutely raved about it. If the summer weizen is actually too light for your tastes, check out Unibroue Blanche de Chambly.

Half Pints St James Pale Ale - Love lime beers? Or you just love lager-style blonde beers? Well, then this is the beer for you! Save a few dollars and buy a case of Half Pints' St James Pale Ale instead of Miller Chill or Bud Light Lime. St James Pale Ale is a light pale ale comparable in flavour to Kokanee, but - better! Want lime with your beer? You can purchase fresh limes from your local grocery store and add it to this beer.

Steam Whistle Pilsner - Want a beer to take with you camping. Steam Whistle is now available in Manitoba and comes in 500mL cans. I compare this beer to a combination of Old Style Pilsner meets Moosehead, if you want a light tasting beer by the fire, this will do the job.

Steinlager Pure - Okay, so you want a beer with a bit of skunk like Heineken or Moosehead? Steinlager Pure out of New Zealand is a great alternative to Heineken, plus it's a few cents cheaper per bottle. One of my favourite lagers on the market today.

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