What makes the Cranky Beer Blogger Cranky?

I've been asked several times why I am a Cranky Beer Blogger? Well, I am a cranky person to start with. Some say I continuously wake up on the wrong side of the bed.. but I blame the bed for that!

Some of it actually has to do with the beer I've tried in the past, as well as food I've tried. I'm an incredibly picky eater. Being a picky eater also reflects on my drinking habits.. how so? Well, instead of being someone who only drinks one specific kind of beer, I have a refined palate so I know what flavours I love and don't love. What do I love? Incredibly hoppy beers, Belgians, chocolate and coffee stouts. What do I hate? Anything corny. I've tried too many bad beers in my day and that's what made me cranky.

Beer such as ANY Alexander Keith's product from the last 2-3 years, Coors Light (or any light beer), improper pint glass sizes, any beer with the word PREMIUM on the label, and Molbatts products being shoved down our throats at pubs are some things that make me incredibly cranky.

As for food, being a picky eater, I dislike lots of food, but I manage to find something to eat at a restaurant almost every time. Shopping in the grocery store becomes a nuisance because I usually end up shopping in the frozen food section.. and the amount of crappy food for ripoff prices is disturbing. I end up eating mini pizzas, making my own food and lots of bagels, oh so many bagels.

Being stuck in Brandon, Manitoba also plays a part in making me as cranky as I am. This city has changed a lot since I first moved here in 2003... well, for beer. Now days you can find the newest products by Unibroue here once in a while, as well as rarities from other Canadian breweries, this wasn't even possible in Brandon 5 years back. However, the culture here is quite Conservative, everyone here is cliquey, and in the middle of winter everyone has the same depressed frown on their face. Just being in this city for so long is enough to make me incredibly miserable.. but I've been looking to get out ASAP, but quite hard to do with very limited money.. but one day it will happen!

What makes the Cranky Beer Blogger giddy? As said above: Good beer, great beer selection at the local MLCC, good food (none of that Jane's pub style chicken crap), and good friends.

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