Review: Tree Brewing's Jumpin Jack Pumpkin Ale

As they always say, it's better to be late than never. This review of Tree Brewing's Jumpin Jack Pumpkin Ale is an example of this. This pumpkin ale was released back in October in time for Halloween, but here I am.. trying it out in a barely-any-snow filled February afternoon.. it might as well be Halloween judging by the weather!

This was the very last bottle in stock so I knew I had to pick it out. Not only that, a friend of mine has been looking for this for almost two months, as it's a rarity to find now days.

I was planning on reviewing Half Pints' new saison, but since it's not coming to Brandon, I will not be reviewing it anytime soon, if ever (even Blonde de Chambly will be easier to find in Brandon).

Appearance: Pours a rich reddish coppery meets caramel. Hazy. So much foam, it won't go down. The foam itself is a bit of a buttery yellow colour, thick, fluffy.

Aroma: I AM noticing some pumpkin here. But I also notice a bit of caramel malt, cinnamon and a hint of brown sugar as well as a bit of spice from the yeast. This kind of comes off as a more of a winter ale. I'm in no way a fan of pumpkins, but this seems like an inviting beer.

Taste: Caramel malt is the very very first thing I notice, as well as a bitterness from the hops. I like it. It's sweet AND hoppy at the exact same time. There's a bit of toastiness coming from the hops as well. I do notice a bit of pumpkin but this is NOT making me hate it.. but the pumpkin is minimal, at best. It has a bit of a spiciness to it. Overall, it's a very very tasty beer! In the aftertaste, I get a bit of a vegetable AND pumpkin taste lingering in my mouth.

Overall Thoughts: Well, when I buy pumpkin beers, I expect for a pumpkiny beer, so when it only has a hint of pumpkin, it calms my nerves as this picky eater HATES the taste of pumpkin. The spiciness in the taste, the hops and the nice sweetness is a great blend together. For those who want a dessert beer, this is a great buy! Heck, this is even a great beer to share with friends! I actually wish I had tried this sooner.. sure yummier than their Raspberry Porter by miles! Jumpin Jack Pumpkin Ale is $5.78 before tax for a 650mL bottle, so it's fairly reasonable. It has an ABV of 6.4%. IF you are able to find a bottle at your local beer vendor/liquor store, I say pick some up.

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