Fort Garry to release Kona Stout

It's always a mini-Christmas to me when a Manitoban brewery releases a new beer (that is, if it comes in my neck of the woods). Fort Garry is releasing their second beer in their Brewmasters Series. The first beer in the series was their Munich Eisbock beer back in the fall.

Now they're preparing to release Kona Imperial Stout. As a big stout fan, I'm looking forward to it! It should be coming out on March 5th 12th or so to Manitoba Liquor Marts.


Kinthelt said...

I can't see any reason why Fort Garry wouldn't distribute out to Brandon. They're a fairly large regional brewery.

Anonymous said...

Another brewery won't sell to Brandon!

Anonymous said...

Fort Garry Kona Imperial Stout will be available in Brandon.
This is the official word from the brewery.

They have a Facebook page here if you want to ask them questions directly: