Review: Half Pints' Sweet Nikki Brown

Review: Half Pints' Sweet Nikki Brown by Cody La Bière
Every November or so, right when the snow starts falling, Half Pints releases Sweet Nikki Brown ale. Some years I see lots of it so I buy it often, other years it sells out immediately.. this time there was lots in stock, so I bought some!

Appearance: Pours a rich dark brown, lots and lots of foam that's not going anywhere.. in the colour of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Aroma: A nice roastiness and nuttiness from this ale, bit of a citrusy hop aroma complimenting the beer.. interesting for such a dark ale. Somewhat sweet.

Taste: Bit of a roastiness to it, bit of a bitterness thanks to the hops. Not as sweet as the name would suggest, but it's a very nice ale for a winter afternoon.

Overall Thoughts: Always a great beer to enjoy. I'm in an incredibly cranky mood today so this is helping calm me a bit down. It is $14 including tax for 6-341ml bottles. It has an ABV of 4.9% and 35 IBU, so it's not going to get you drunk, but this is a very nice winter time relaxing beer, especially on a Friday after work.

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