Review: Quilmes Cristal

Review: Quilmes Cristal by Cody La Bière
Argentina is one country that I haven't tried any of their beer yet so tonight's review is Quilmes Cristal Cerveza by Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes.

The beer is approximately $2.30 before tax for a 330mL bottle, has an ABV of 4.9% and it's very obvious that this is likely going to be a lager.

Appearance: Yep, lager here. Pours golden yellow, much paler than last night's review, but very hay-yellow here. Not much foam, but snow white foam, and lots of carbonation taking place here, like any North American Lager.

Aroma: Straw and a bit of a citrusy/fruitiness coming through, more than most lagers. I want to say a bit of lemon, and a bit of Blueberry for some reason, but I'm likely wrong about the Blueberry aspect.

Taste: Classic corny lager, so corn, straw, and a bit of malt to it. Oh and there's an every so slight lime zing in there, just slight.

Overall thoughts: If you're looking for a lager to put your lime in, get your favourite lager and buy some limes as this is a bit pricey compared to say.. Corona. I'm not insulted by the taste, but it's not great.. but it's slightly better than some tropical Central American lagers I've tried. Speaking of which, I've been told I'm going to be getting in some beer from Honduras soon.

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