Review: Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout

Review: Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout by Cody La Bière
Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout is a stout I've wanted to try for.. 5 years now. I would just glance at it but never give it a shot mainly because of the price tag. If there's a $3 bottle of beer or a $6.50 bottle, I'd usually go for the $3.

After 5 years, I'm finally trying the stout. What took so long? Either than money? Part of me (pre-beer snob era me) thinks that I might be disgusted by it. Oh, yeah right.. me? Disgusted by a stout? I've never seen that happen.

Appearance: For all these years, I thought this came in a clear glass bottle and that the stout was actually what you saw.. nope, it's a 550mL brown beer bottle. Huh. Pours a very thick creamy dark chocolate/black colour. The head.. wow.. it's like burnt caramel, a bit creamy. The foam is going absolutely nowhere!

Aroma: A bit of a sweet fruity aroma (almost alcoholic) hits me first, followed by dark chocolate, roasted malts and coffee. Pretty much normal.

Taste: Very creamy feel on the tongue. I notice mostly the usual dark chocolate, coffee, roasted malt taste. Great for a winter night. A hint of the sweetness is still there, almost like raisins. Quite tasty. I'm also noticing a bit of a hint of toffee the more I drink this, it could just be me.

Overall Thoughts: Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout has an ABV of 7% and comes in a 550ML bottle, so you get 50mL more than usual. It's around $6.50 so it's pricey. Is it worth it? If you love stouts, you will love this one. Has a nice balance of sweetness and coffeeness. Great for a cold prairie night.

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