C'est si terrible que.. c'est DÉLICIEUSE!

I don't understand why Unibroue settled with the name «Terrible» for their Unibroue Terrible abbey. Honestly, the name doesn't fit the product. Peut-ĂŞtre the brewmasters at Unibroue knew it was SO good that they wanted to keep it to themselves? So, having a beer name that makes you expect a horrible product will deter you from said product? Ha ha, nice try Unibroue! It certainly didn't deter anyone I know from buying the product. In fact, one day when I was doing some new years shopping, I had a discussion with the local liquor store manager, he stated that sales haven't been great for it yet.. but right when he looked at the product, there was only one bottle left!

If you find a bottle.. consider yourself lucky as this Terrible beer is Delicious (ou Délicieuse en français).

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Kinthelt said...

This is the third time you've mentioned you like this beer.

I guess you must really, really like it!

P.S. I think it's awesome too.