Review: Carlsberg Lager

Review: Carlsberg Lager by Cody La Bière
The last time I had Carlsberg Lager was December 2004, I remember because the case fell through while I was holding it. Thankfully 10/12 of the bottles ended up being fine. Back then, Labatt was contracted to brew the beer. So they did, in regular brown bottles. It also cost the same amount as a 12 of domestic (Bud Light, Kokanee, Labatt Blue). Since then, Carlsberg took over control of the brewing by brewing it in Denmark again, instead of having it brewed as a domestic in Canada.

Instead of it being $15 and change (for it being 2004) for a 12 pack, it now costs $2/bottle as an import. How does it fare?

Appearance: Clear golden yellow, like straw, very little foam. The foam that there is is near snow white. Also, the glass is incredibly big. Didn't realize how big it was until I poured the beer. It's a .5 Litre glass (meaning worth a true pint's worth of beer)

Aroma: Slightly skunky, which isn't unusual for being a beer in a green bottle. Also a bit of a malt aroma, as well as hay. For the most part, just as I remember it.

Taste: Somewhat skunky, tastes like grain, and a bit of malt to it. Just your average European lager to me. Very grainy aftertaste. Not as skunky as say, Heineken though.

Overall Thoughts: As stated above, just your average European lager. If you are someone who buys beer just because of it being "imported" instead of it tasting any good, this may be a beer for you, especially if you're always drinking Heineken, otherwise, it's meh. It's $2/330mL bottle and has an ABV of 5%

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