Review: Molson Canadian 6.0 Cold Shots

It's been several years since I had a Cold Shot by Molson. Honestly, I thought they were discontinued years ago.. so apparently not. The last time I remember having a cold shot was in 2006, trying a Molson Dry variety of the cold shot, which ended up making me quite ill. So it's time to revisit a beer I drank regularly back in 2004 and 2005 until Molson Kick came out. I still remembering buying this because I found it to be cheap at $8.02 before tax for 8 slim cans. (it now sells for $9.07 before tax)

Oh.. how the times have changed, and how my beer tastes have changed.

Molson's Cold Shots are supposed to be a more convenient version of their staple products (Canadian and Dry), made in slim cans for a "quick drink (shot) before the bar", and with a higher alcohol content than the regular brand.. in this case, 6% versus 5.0% with regular Molson Canadian, while Molson Dry Cold Shots gets 6.5% instead of 5.5%

Appearance: The beer comes in 250mL slim cans, 8 in the pack.. kind of looks like an energy drink. Pours pale golden like regular Canadian. Lots of white foam that takes forever to go down.

Aroma: A combination of dirt, grain, malt and corn. Stronger smelling than regular Canadian.

Taste: Tinny, strong corn/malt taste, and it reminds me of Molson Canadian and Export quite a bit. I can really taste the can while drinking out of a glass. I'm getting a headache.

Overall Thoughts: Best not to drink this ever again. One's tastes change over time for a reason. Quite a corny beer, and very tinny taste thanks to the slim cans. Would I buy this again? Heck no. This is mainly a beer I can see college students chugging back before heading to the club.. but even then, I haven't seen a person drink this in 3 years, so they're likely to drink whatever they generally drink before the bar, to get a buzz. $9.07 before tax for 8 250mL cans, 6% ABV.


Unknown said...

I bought cold shots open the first one and on my first sip found a fly in my beer, sooo disgusting, I am beside myself, not cool at all

Unknown said...

Wow... things are getting more expensive. Now 8 cold shots are $10 for 222ml a can!

Big G said...

They are $14 for an eight pack of 222 ml in Nova Scotia. I don't buy them unless they're on for $9.99 or 10 or 11 dollars in New Brunswick