Lia Fail (Inveralmond Brewery)

Lia Fail (Inveralmond Brewery) by Cody La Bière
Inveralmond Brewery out of Scotland brews several beers, including Santa's Swallie and Ossian which I've tried back in the past. Today's review is of Lia Fail.

Lia Fail is a (as they say) distinctively rich, dark, robust, full bodied beer with a deep malty taste, smooth texture and a hoppy aroma. The beer is rich with a well balanced and satisfying sweetness with chocolate notes. Truly a beer fit for a King's coronation.

Appearance: Pours a very coppery reddish brown. Looks like it might be a sweet tasting ber. Bit of a cream coloured head, foam not going anywhere, but minimal.

Aroma: Sweet caramelly (or honey) maltiness. Very similar to a few beers I had over Christmas vacation. You notice a nice presence of hops as well. I can tell this will be enjoyed by all (me).

Taste: Bitter due to the hops, which is something I like. Reminiscent of an IPA for that sense. There's a bit of sweetness that comes through as you drink it, but the hops are front and central in this beerventure. Pretty decent.

Overall Thoughts: Like hoppy beer? Like a nice sweet aroma? Like anything imported? You'll like this. I can't compare it to their competitor Innis & Gunn as I find I&G a dessert style of beer (incredibly sweet before anything), so this would be a beer you would enjoy at a pub when you are wanting a different kind of import.. that is, if your pub actually carries beer (and not just Corona & Heineken). It costs $4 before tax, so it is a bit pricey, but it's worth it. I love the nice coppery appearance, the sweet aroma and the flavourful hops. Yum.

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