Review: Kilter Immortalis Imperial Stout (Blend IV - Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels)

Kilter Brewing
- Immortalis Imperial Stout (Blend IV - Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels)

Immortalis: A divine Imperial Stout aged 15 months in a blend of Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels. 11% ABV.

I ordered a bunch of Kilter's bottles back in the late summer as apparently I had some money, but wasn't also planning on going to Winnipeg anytime soon. From that order, I reviewed their Barley Wine, which was one of the most intriguing Barley Wines I've had in a long time. Today's sampling is Immortalis Batch IV, barrel aged Imperial Stout in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels.

Appearance: Black as the night. Starts out with a light amount of burnt caramel head on top but diminishes to almost absolutely nothing, maybe the faintest sight of bubbles I've seen in ages, all basically collected to the edge of the beer, at the glass.

Aroma: BOUUUUURBON! This is sweet, oaky, boozy, something I need on a cold winter night. Rich, bit of roasted malt to give it a coffee aroma to it, chocolate, caramel, raisins, as well as notes of vanilla.

Taste: Notes of the barrel dominate in every sip here - it's got a rich oaky taste to it, a hint of vanilla, sweet and boozy Bourbony notes, caramel. The beer itself has a rich roasted malt taste with notes of chocolate. The mouthfeel is incredibly creamy, reminding a bit of a crème liqueur, while there's also a bit of a booziness that's tickling my whole mouth at the same time. Aftertaste is oak, roasted malt and a a subtle hint of smoke.

Overall Thoughts: Something to savour and not drink quickly, as expected. I need more barrel aged Imperial Stouts in my life, especially in the winter months. I think I still have another stout in my collection from Kilter to review, we'll see when we see!

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