Review: Torque x Devil May Care Wooden It Be Nice Wood Aged Imperial Lager

A wood aged Imperial Lager you say? That's not something you see every day. Torque & Devil May Care collabed on a Wood-aged Imperial Lager called Wooden it Be Nice, which probably like me, makes you think of the Beach Boys and makes you wish it was spring now. 8% ABV

Appearance: I was expecting a golden straw body before I opened this, but nope, this is more in what appears to be in an Amber Lager/Bock/etc kind of territory. It's got a rich amber-red body to it, light amount of clarity, and a faint amount of carbonation in the body. The head is pretty thick with a beige hue to it. The head diminishes rather quickly leaving behind only a light amount of lacing on the glass and a light amount of head on the beer itself.

Aroma: Sweet, caramel-forward, slight hint of citrus that gives it a slight perfume kind of aroma to it. There's a faint nuttiness but pretty much a sweet caramel forward beer, perhaps a bit of raisins in there but it's honestly quite smoother and straight forward than I ever expected. Any woodiness so far? I can actually smell for once and actually.. yeah, there is.

Taste: Sweet, caramelly forward beer with toffee, a moderate woodiness to it.. nothing specific, just "wood", which works decently in this beer. It's got a bit of a metallic taste afterwards, somewhat dry mouthfeel and not much for aftertaste except for a hint of caramel, again.

Overall Thoughts: I didn't know what to expect in it. I've had strong lagers before but they were malt liquor. This was pretty smooth and mostly all I can really say about this beer is caramel, wood and again, sweet. 

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