Review: American Vintage Raspberry Hard Iced Tea

Today I'm reviewing something from a brand I'm not familiar with - American Vintage. American Vintage predominately makes Hard Iced Teas. I've seen them at my local LC for a few years now but never hear people really talk about them. I looked into them and they have no website and their social media is pretty much dead. Turns out they're owned by Mike's Hard Lemonade Co, which is owned by Labatt. Even in the times when I see brands I'm not familiar with, they're owned by Labatt/AB InBev.. it's impossible to completely bypass them because they flood the Canadian market with an insane amount of products. Well, as much as I dislike Labatt, I'll still try this anyways.. I do like iced tea and I was told that this was better than Twisted Tea.. I'll be the judge of that. 

Today's sampling is the raspberry version of their hard iced tea.

The Raspberry Hard Iced Tea is 5.0% ABV, brewed with water, vodka, instant Black Tea, Citric acid, natural flavour. 

Appearance: The hard iced tea has a dark orange body to it, no noticeable carbonation in the body and a sprinkling of the world's tiniest bubbles on top. It looks like iced tea to me, I guess.

Aroma: Very sweet and sugary, notes of raspberry-like flavour and a hint of vodka at the end. Smells like a Brisk Iced Tea beverage to me.

Taste: Again, sweet with notes of raspberry, black tea, lemon, sugar, and a sharp bite of vodka at the end. Tastes like iced tea to me, boozy iced tea.

Overall Thoughts: Diabeetus in a can. Is it better than Twisted Tea? In Canada both Twisted Tea and American Vintage are made with vodka in canned forms. They taste pretty similar but I'd say AV tastes a bit sweeter for those wanting a sweeter iced tea beverage. I think Twisted Tea's malt variant is still better but it's hard to find in Canada now. Will I get this again? No idea, but I don't like buying an entire pack/case of something unless if I absolutely love it, I'm a single serving kind of person. Definitely drinkable and pretty smooth though.

Also, the tea is STEEPED! (If you in Canada and grew up in my generation or older, you'll know)

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