Review: Kilter Sacrifice II Barleywine (2022)

Sacrifice II is a dark Barleywine (10%) aged 12 months in a blend of Rum & Peach Brandy barrels. Bottled Feb 2022

I'm so happy that Kilter distributes pretty much nationwide (hors-Québec) so that in the warmer months if I'm not able to go to Winnipeg I'm able to order beer to be shipped right to my door, it's so convenient!

Appearance: The first thing I noticed was that the Kilter logo was embossed in wax on top of the beer, such a simple branding but gives the beer a bit bit more prestige to it. Pouring the beer into the glass gives off a very carbonated soda-like fizz to it that diminishes to nothing. Dark-as-the-night body but a hint of a cola-like brown hue near the bottom of the glass.

For a Barleywine, it's a bit more roasted-forward than I'd expect. Tad bit of coffee and cocoa, lots of caramel sweetness, a mild oak presence and you will never believe it.. a welcoming aroma of peach! ....though the label flat out states peach to begin with, but I guess I was expecting underwhelming notes or something? Definitely a heavier and darker Barleywine than what I'm used to so far.

Taste: PEACH GALORE! It's incredibly peach-forward for just about any beer I've had in the past while. The beer is quite dark but the peach works. There's a good deal of caramel sweetness, a hint of a butterscotch presence from the barrels - definitely buttery and savoury. There's a hint of Brandy to the beer (oh wait.. because there is) a smidgen of cocoa and a slight bitterness to it at the end. Oh, the booziness of the beer eventually kicks in after a bunch of slow sips.

Overall Thoughts: I can't say I'm a Barleywine expert, I've had a good deal over the years but this one is definitely different than the ones I'd compare to - the peach and barrels definitely help in this case. Decently boozy, lots of syrupy/caramel notes to it, moderate notes of cocoa and a hint of roasted bitterness to it. I like this!

That attention to detail on the cap! The wax on top was melted with Kilter's logo on top, pretty awesome! 

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