Review: Cerveza Cancun Pilsen

Many months ago I did a comparison review of Corona brewed in Mexico vs Corona brewed in Canada. Around the same time, my parents were coming back from Mexico with an assortment of Mexican beers for me to try. Today's sampling is the first of many I'm finally reviewing - Cerveza Cancun's Pilsen. Pilsen is a German-style Pilsner brewed at 4.7% ABV and 18 IBUs.

Appearance: Cloudy for a Germany Pilsner but the body has so much carbonation that the beer's body is almost like "raining on up to the head". Thick snow white head. Looks crisp and light, though not too light, so far.

Aroma: Light sweetness with hint of straw, light notes of honey, grass, cracked pepper and light presence of noble hops at the end to give more of that grassy/straw vibe to it.

Taste: Quite a sweet-forward Pilsner - it's giving off a huge presence of honey right from the first sip, followed by notes of straw, a bit of grass, a light metallic bite for some reason. Light bitterness from the notes, but more so grassy but it does leave behind a very slight bitter hop aftertaste.. a note I haven't seen in a lager in many, many years.

Overall Thoughts: Definitely heavier than Corona or Sol but very enjoyable Mexican take on the classic German Pilsner style. It's sweet, a tad grainy, has a great hop presence and even reminds me of of what lagers and Pilsners used to taste like until ten or so years ago. Sharp and sweet but very approachable.

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