Review: Nonsuch Lambic (Barrel Aged in Pineau des Charentes Barrels)

I remember visiting La Brasserie Nonsuch just over a year ago and the owners were giddy about their upcoming Lambic Sour. To my knowledge, Nonsuch is (I believe) the first brewery in Manitoba to come out with a Lambic-style beer, but I definitely know of ones from other provinces.

Nonsuch's Lambic is described as aged in Pineau des Charentes barrels for five months, this ale is complex, sour, and funky. Enjoy at 6C with Eggs Benedict. Vintage 2020 / 4.6% ABV

Appearance: For some reason every time I think of a Lambic-style beer, I think of a bright red Kriek when Lambic is much more broad than that. This pours an opaque peach body with minimal to almost no head on top. There's some carbonation in the body but that's about it.

Aroma: Sour with a moderate fruitiness to it, sour peach, sour lemon, sour apple. funky, tad sweet, pretty much that.

Taste: The funkiness of the Lambic comes out first, with notes of lemon, sour peach and pear following. Quite dry with a bit of a straw presence to it. Heavy on the belly but expected for a sour. 

Overall Thoughts: In my mind I was expecting a Kriek-style Lambic so this is the second time in a row where my expectations where different than reality. This is dry, citrusy, has lots of citrus notes, aggressive tingling sensation on the palate. At $15+ per 750mL bottle, it's more than I'm wanting to spend on a style I'm not too fond of (sours in general) but this is definitely a beer meant to be shared amongst two to four people and not just for myself! Ages well.

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