Guest post: The Best Beers to Pair With A Lobster

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Have the perfect side dishes, appetizers, and desserts with your lobster meal? Just as important as having the ideal side dish to complement your meal, a suitable beverage will bring out the potent flavor of your lobster. After all, when matched well, the right drink will accentuate and elevate the flavors of your meal.

There are still many hearty souls in a world full of wine admirers for whom a lobster meal isn’t a complete meal without hops and barley. While most seafood has long been the neighborhood populated mainly by pairings of white wine, nowadays, there are so many different flavors and subtleties to artisan beer that finding the best beers to pair with a lobster is a breeze. Because when it comes to lobster, no drink can complement the lobster’s rich taste better than a cold, refreshing beer.

For that reason and to make things easier for you, below, you can find the best beers to pair with a lobster to enjoy your next lobster order at its best with just the proper brew on the table.

Photo from Pixabay

For that reason and to make things easier for you, below, you can find the best beers to pair with a lobster to enjoy your next lobster order at its best with just the proper brew on the table.

Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale
Okay, you won’t hear any arguments from us if someone shouts, “every beer goes well with a lobster!” However, while that’s true, some beers pair better with lobster than others. The best brew to have on hand is perhaps a single Canadian IPA when you’re biting into the tender, sweet pieces of your lobster.

IPA or India Pale Ale is a brew that goes perfectly with lobster, especially if you’re dripping the chunks in melted butter. The bitterness in the hops complements a butterfly lobster meal very well. One of the best IPAs in Canada, look no further than Alexander Keith’s brewery’s famous India Pale Ale.

Photo from Alexander Keith’s Fine Beers

It’s worth noting that this clean, full-bodied beer has a rich and fascinating history dating back to 1820. When it grew popular among the chronically soused fighting men, Mr. Keith’s IPA was initially brewed for British soldiers serving over India. And with so many of them stationed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, it made sense for Mr. Keith to start brewing it there.

Nowadays, Alexander Keith’s IPA is one of the most famous Canadian beers you can find in nearly all liquor stores around the country. It offers a very subtle malt sweetness for balance and satisfies with a dry finish. This IPA is characterized by its golden, slightly hazy color and flora aroma that goes hand in hand with grilled lobster tails.

Molson Canadian
This award-winning Canadian lager beer from Ontario, brewed by Molson Coors Canada, has a 5% ABV, comes with a deep golden hue, and forms a lasting white foamy head. With the aromas of corn, bread, and honey, this famous Canadian lager also has a subtle smell of citrus. It begins with a sweet malty taste followed by a smooth, semi-dry finish that leaves mild sweetness on the tongue.

The Molson Canadian beer is a refreshing and easily drinkable beer with fantastic carbonation that goes particularly well with crisp, spicy flavors, such as one would expect from a proper lobster roll sandwich anywhere on the coast.

Photo by Timothy Dykes from Unsplash

Wolaver’s Oatmeal Stout
Surprisingly enough, stout—the lighter, non-imperial kind—is an excellent pairing with lobster meat as it accompanies both rich food and seafood exceptionally well. While this beer might seem a bit too hearty for the season, as you may know, it can get quite chilly during the evenings in Canada, so even in summer, a stout is always in style.

While Wolaver’s Oatmeal Stout is full-bodied, it’s also extremely smooth and even a bit sweet beer, with hints of dark chocolate and tender coffee bitterness. In addition, it’s also got a hoppy presence, some spiciness, and lots of great roasted character from the malt. A bit unusual pairing at first glance, we must admit, Wolaver’s Stout is well worth experiencing while you’re enjoying all those lobster flavors and aromas.

Final Words
When pairing a beer for a dish as classy and delicious as lobster, keep in mind that you must select carefully. In that manner, whatever beer you choose to have with your meal, be sure to go with a beverage that will let the naturally sweet and savory flavor of lobster shine, and always serve the beer of selection ice cold.

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