Review: Brewdog Punk AF Alcohol Free IPA

I’m going to keep this review short - I’m writing this in Netherlands (but will be back home when this is published) and currently on a really short deadline until I go back to Canada. While here, I wanted to make sure I tried a couple non-alcoholic beers, which I definitely did. Today’s sampling is Punk AF by BrewDog out of Scotland.

Punk AF tops out at .5% ABV and b rewed with water, lactose (milk), malted barley, hops, yeast, malted oats, malted wheat, lactic acid. Easy to find at grocery stores in Netherlands.

Appearance: Clear with a bit of a carbonation in the body, heavy orange-straw body to it, very faint amount of head on top - a few bubbles here and there

Aroma: A bit of a bitter hop presence (pine), lots of oats, notes of cardboard, a slight sweetness but overall.. meh so far.

Taste: The taste is a tad better than the aroma - there’s a hint of a caramel malt sweetness popping out but I pretty much get a bunch of hops trying to overpower everything else with a heavy oat flavour. Very dry on the palate, somewhat metallic, tad gritty at the end.

Overall Thoughts: I’ve yet to fall in love with a non-alcoholic IPA as I tend to find they’re aggressively over-hopped or the beer itself tastes raw, which in this case - it’s both. I’ve been eyeing this beer to review for a very long time as it’s one of the more popular ones, internationally, but just wasn’t available in my part of the world. 

“All attitude, no alcohol”

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