Review: Boundary Brewing CO-OP Insert Appropriate Emoji Pils

Picked this one up while in Netherlands - Insert Appropriate Emoji Pilsner by Boundary Brewing CO-OP out of Ireland. The Pilsner is described as a crisp, refreshing Pils generally hopped with Tettnang. 4.5% ABV and best before date of May 18, 2022 - Reviewed on May 15th. 

Appearance: Mild cloudiness to it with a golden straw body to it. Light amount of carbonation in the body and a good amount of snow white head on the top of the beer. 

Aroma: Grain-forward Pils with a lot of straw, notes of honey, grassy hops, hint of alfalfa and a hint of lemon. 

Taste: Quite tart for a Pilsner - in fact, it's quite aggressive and made me squirm just a tad. Once you get past the tartness, I get a moderate graininess to it, notes of straw, grassy hops, more straw, and a bit of a bitter hop presence at the end, slight soapiness.

Overall Thoughts: Surprisingly tart for a Pilsner but once it warms up it has a grassy, sweet and straw-forward presence to it. Still aggressive for a Pils but then again the best before date is a couple days away from when I wrote this. 

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