Review: Devil May Care Nothin' But The Hops Hazy IPA Vol. 06: Lotus, Zappa, El Dorado

Reviewed back in September 2021

I can't believe that Devil May Care's already at their sixth mixtape of their Nothin but the Hops series of IPAs, I swore I reviewed more from this series but in reality I only reviewed their vol 1 and vol 4 of the beer. I was at The Beer Can a few weeks back when I first tried this beer, I was shocked it was that far into their IPA series then.. and I still am now, three weeks later. Vol 6 features Lotus, Zappa & El Dorado hops. 6.5% ABV

Appearance: Deep, hazy orange body with a moderate amount of carbonation in the body and a thick off-white head at the beginning that diminishes rather quickly to leave behind only a light sprinkling of foam on the glass and a mild layer of head on top of the beer itself.

Aroma: Citrusy, fruity and floral. I get notes of pear, a bit of melon, leafy and floral presence. Last off, there's a real sugary hard candy sweetness but I can't really describe it.. but a bit reminiscent of Jolly Ranchers I think?

Taste: Leafy and floral hops pop out right from the beginning. There's a bit of melon and the candy-like sweetness (like Jolly Ranchers) popping out as well. Tad dank, but that's all I get out of it. 

Overall Thoughts: This may be my least favourite of the series. I was meh'd by the beer when I had it at The Beer Can a few weeks ago straight out of the can and it definitely pops out more but it just can't compete with Vol 04 I think, which is my fave batch yet. 

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