Review: 2 Crows & Indie Alehouse Harrington Rustic Lager

Today's sampling is Harrington Rustic Lager by 2 Crows collaborating with Indie Alehouse. Crisp, bright, bready. The collar lager is brewed with water, Harrington barley, raw wheat, hops and yeast. 3.9% ABV

Harrington barley, a variant of two-row barley was developed by the University of Saskatchewan to be the dominant malt used for this beer. I'm sure I've had many beers with this malt but few advertise it.

Appearance: Is this a lager? It's a very cloudy and lemon-yellow bodied beer with a liberal amount of carbonation, looking more like maybe a hefeweizen or something.. but I won't judge. Thicccccc amount of snow white head on top that diminishes gradually to leave behind a very still thick snow white lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Citrusy as eff with notes of a bit of pine and a bit of floral notes to it, good deal of lemon, a bit of a grainery-like aroma from the malt. Very light but very approachable, especially at 3.9% - More aggressive than a Bud Light for sure, but I'd rather drink this.

Taste: Citrusy lager with notes of predominantly lemon. It's got a bit of an aggressive hop presence to it giving off a bit of a pine and grassy flavour to it. It's crisp, light but not so light that you think you're drinking Bud Light. The beer is fairly smooth on the palate but gives off a bit of a lingering bitter aftertaste for aftertaste.

Overall Thoughts: I know I've sampled beers that tasted exactly like this before but I can't exactly pinpoint it. The malt and hops pop out in this lager more than most sub 4% lite lagers in Canada. Very welcoming for me but way too aggressive for someone like my mom. I've had a few rustic-style lagers in the past and they were definitely more cloudy than your typical lager but this was much more aggressive than them.

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