Review: Hell's Basement Huruhuru (The Feather) New Zealand Hopped Pale Ale

Just over a year ago Hell's Basement made international news over the name of their beer Huruhuru, translated from Maori to English as "pubic hair". I've seen some really wowing and negative-themed beer names/labels over the years but was more more of a funny screw up to me. 

A couple days ago I went to a craft beer store in Winnipeg and saw that they had a stand of beers from Hell's Basement and one of the beers was well, Huruhuru (The Feather) New England Hopped Pale Ale. I met one of the owners of Hell's Basement at a beer festival in Montreal a few years back but I've only tried a couple of their beers since but getting to try a beer that made international attention? That's something I never expected.

The Feather is brewed with Moueka & Rakau hops, hops that I've only very recently started seeing pop up within the last several months in my neck of the woods. 5.2% ABV

Appearance: Lightly cloudy golden ale that has some clarity to it but not much at all. Faint amount of carbonation in the body and a mild snow white body that diminishes to a light layered lacing on the glass and a sprinkling of bubbles on the top of the beer

Aroma: Very floral, sweet and tropical. Aromatic with a bit of a leafy hop presence, tropical notes (pineapple, lemon, Five Alive). Fairly light but sweet nonetheless. 

Taste: Tropical hops that remind me of the old school Galaxy-forward beers that were huge (IPA/Pales) ten years ago. It's sweet, tropical but not giving off an orange juice vibe to it. It's got a crisp grain malt presence to it, notes of citrus fruits including stone fruit, grapefruit and lemon.

Overall Thoughts: Sweet, smooth, easy to drink with lots of tropical presence to it. I'd drink this beer under any name. 

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