Review: Grain to Glass Bat Country IPA

A Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas themed beer, in Manitoba of all places? That's pretty darn cool. This label popped out at me immediately at the local LC. The thing I like about Grain to Glass is that they're not really a brewery, no - they're a home brewing store in Winnipeg that happens to brew some of their most popular recipes at Torque Brewing, so you can actually re-create the recipe at home as they sell the kit right on their website, or if you're like me - just drink the beer instead!

Bat Country is an American IPA brewed with Sabro, Galaxy Mosaic hops and Crystal, Carapils and 2-row for malts. 6.7% ABV

Appearance: Hmm, this is certainly murkier than I ever expected, it's got a bit of a murky copper-orange-brown body to it, I don't know exactly how to describe it. Very nice head to it with an off white/light beige hue to it that diminishes gradually leaving behind a layered lacing the entire way down.

Aroma: Citrusy and kind of tropical hop presence to it. It has a bit of an Earl Grey tea aroma to it, notes of pineapple, somewhat floral notes, a heavy amount of caramel and a bit of lemon at the end. 

Taste: Moderate bitterness to start it off with a hint of pine, a tad bit of an unwelcoming cardboard flavour, a lot of caramel sweetness, a moderate amount of grapefruit, a very subtle hint of pineapple, a hint of coconut and lime.

Overall Thoughts: I don't know, I feel that something's off about this. I know it's fresh as it just came to my local liquor store in the past couple weeks and as of this review, the canning date is under a month old but there's just something off about it, the weird murkiness of an American IPA was the first sign for me. I'll give this a try again later this summer, I tend to enjoy what Grain to Glass makes so maybe this is a one off batch? The name and label is absolutely awesome!

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