Review: Dageraad Seven Saison

I was in Winnipeg a week ago and quickly noticed that every beer vendor I visited had a Dageraad beer or two in stock, I was shocked because I hadn't seen any of their beers in Manitoba in a year. As expected, the Quality Beer Store had the best selection of Dageraad beers, with having the staples as well as some specialty bottled releases, including Seven, a Saison brewed for the brewery's seventh anniversary. It's a saison brewed with orange peel, fennel seed, and star anise.

From the label:  This anniversary feels like more of an accomplishment than usual. It was a tough year and we made it through the way everyone did: by carrying on, sticking one foot in front of the other with no map of the road ahead. We want to thank you for seeing us through the challenging year. We kept brewing new beer, not knowing what the world would be like when the beer was ready, and you kept clearing our shelves, which kept our lights on and our doors open. If you’re one of the beer drinkers who like our stuff, then you’re going to love this one. Seven is an ethereal saison, fruity and effervescent with a whiff of sar anise and fennel, like a faint perfume luring you around the corner to further explore. 7.0% ABV

Appearance: Cloudy with a bright orange body to it, lots of carbonation in the body, very very thick amount of off-white/beige head on top thats being incredibly stubborn and taking its good ol' time diminishing. Once the head does diminish a tad, it leaves behind a lot of a soapy appearance on the glass.

Aroma: Why can't more breweries do beers like this? I miss Belgian-style Saisons that pop out like this. In this beer I get a lot of Belgian yeast presence to it, orange peel, a bit of a licorice-like aroma from the star anise, sweet and hint of woodiness as well. 

Taste: Quite a sweet Saison - I get orange zestiness right from the beginning, a sweetness that reminds me of candi sugar, notes of licorice, a tad bit of a soapiness to it and a hint of star anise. Quite sweet, moderate amount of dryness to it, aftertaste of pear and Belgian yeast.

Overall Thoughts: For such a big beer, I didn't have much to write about it but it was phenomenal - exactly what I want in a Saison - citrusy, tad complex but not overbearing, tad spiced, dry and welcoming. I need more of Dageraad's beers in my life!

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