Review: Farmery Saskatoon Sour

I was at my local Liquor Mart the other day and one of the product advisors came up to me if I've tried any of Farmery sours. Honestly, I didn't know Farmery Estate Brewery had any sours out but they have three available - a green apple, raspberry and Saskatoon sour. As most of you will already know, I'm not a fan of sours but it's been several years since I've had a Saskatoon themed beer so this is something I have to try.

From the website: Infused with plump juicy Saskatoons from our family farm, balanced with a smooth acidic tang, for a delicious tart & sweet experience. 5.0% ABV

Appearance: The first thing it reminded me of was of their Prairie Berry Ale, it has a deep reddish purple body, but unlike the PBA, it's not at all clear, it's quite opaque while the Prairie Berry Ale is quite clear. Lots of carbonation in the body but the head is very faint and pinkish-white. 

Aroma: Wow, very sweet and berry forward. Almost like a blueberry cooler kind of aroma so far, mild tartness, a bit of tartness from the Saskatoon berries but not as aggressive as the typical Saskatoon berry on its own. 

Taste: Moderately tart but not puckering sour in any way. It's got a good amount of sweetness to it, notes of blueberry and Saskatoon berry to it. The Saskatoon is tart, tad nutty and a hint of vegetal presence to it. The malt profile that you get out of every Farmery beer is definitely there (which comes out as a nuttiness) but it's pretty subdued in this beer. 

Overall Thoughts: Mildly tart but not really sour. As someone who's not a sour fan, it's approachable and pretty easy to drink. This brings me back memories of their Prairie Berry Ale but of course, tart. There's a lingering tart aftertaste to it from the Saskatoon berries. This is actually the first time I've had a Saskatoon berry beer in several years - it's a very hard berry to work in a beer. I'm going to have to try their Raspberry & Apple sours soon to do a comparison.

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