Revisit: Boréale IPA du Nord-Est

The New England/Juicy/Hazy style of IPAs have become one of the biggest trends in the craft beer scene, nearly every brewery is making one now days. Back in 2017 I was sent a can of Boréale's IPA du Nord-Est out of Quebec by a buddy of mine - At the time it was one of the very first New England-style IPAs I ever sampled and it was raved after for good reason - it was good. 

Fast forward to last year, Boréale made its first ever appearance to Manitoba (exclusively at Quality Beer Store), IPA du Nord-Est wasn't planned to be one of releases but after myself harassing Jack over Eclectic Beverages, the distributor of Boréale for Manitoba, he finally gave in and brought it in. He also commented how tasty the product is.. When I'm right, I'm right!

Here's my initial review from back in 2017

Appearance: Murky and very orange in appearance. No noticeable carbonation. The head has a moderate yet dense beige head on top that doesn't really diminish as it goes down, rather leaves behind a good amount of layered lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Dank, floral and sweet. Notes of tropical fruits - orange, pineapple and a big of guava. Notes of various grains, especially oats to give it a bit of a breakfast cereal vibe to it, floral hops, and a hefty yeastiness that gives off a sourdough-like presence to it.

Taste: Quite a yeasty-forward NEIPA with a bit of a sourdough presence to it, but pretty sweet and juice-forward. Slight creaminess on the palate, a bit of oatiness to it. Thicc. The beer's aftertaste is predominately oats and juice. 

Overall Thoughts: This review may not be overly lengthy but this is still an awesome NEIPA. It's juicy as heck, floral, oaty and I definitely wish I had more of this - definitely what I want in an IPA now days!

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