Review: Vessel Old Fashioned (Cocktail Inspired Strong Beer)

Today's review is Vessel Beer's Old Fashioned, an ale brewed as part of their cocktail inspired series of beers. I'm not a cocktail kind of person so almost every cocktail-inspired beverage I've had by them so far has been an introduction to the cocktail. Their interpretation of an Old Fashioned is a fruited rye ale aged on oak, oranges, cherries and spices. 7% ABV.

Appearance: Bright orange with an almost copper hue to it, reminiscent of a Belgian Tripel to an extent. The head is pretty thick with a creamy beige appearance to it.

Aroma: Light amount of rye to give it a bit of spiciness to it. There's notes of orange peel, notes of what appears to be Belgian yeast, and a hint of cherry. Not noticing the oak but so far it's reminding me of one of their sister brewery (Nonsuch)'s beers, I'm thinking a bit of their Saison a tad, with a bit of a rye presence to it.

Taste: Pretty much what I just said in the aroma. It's a tad sweet with a hint of sugariness to it, notes of orange peel and an ever so slight hint of cherry. The rye is there but it's not overpowering anything like you would expect in a typical Rye Ale, it's more complimenting the sweetness more than anything. Ever so slight hint of tartness, bit of woodiness, slight spiced. Very, very smooth beer.

Overall Thoughts: I was expecting much more of the rye and oak to pop out as well as a bit more fruitiness from the orange and cherry but it's pretty subtle. That said, nothing is overpowering each other so it's incredibly easy to drink and brings me back memories of several Belgian-style beers I haven't had the pleasure to have in ages. I think the predominant flavours I get are orange, while my subconscious keeps having cherry in mind but it's faint as heck. Tad spiced, Belgian yeast, dry, sweet. While this is definitely outside my price budget for a go-to beer, this is something I knew would be meant for special occasions, something to treat yo self to.

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