Review: Flying Monkeys Freakshow Crush Hazy IPA

"What ever you are, be a good one"
-Flying Monkeys 

Freakshow Crush is a Hazy IPA by Flying Monkeys Brewing out of Barrie, Ontario. Described as having a bright, hazy body and pliable bitterness under an amusing head of ethereal foam, this unique IPA spectacle is animated by a plurality of succulent hops in a crushable array of melon, papaya, and spiky tropical notes. Beautifully hopped with Azacca, Ekuanot, Hallertau Blanc, Mosaic, Motueka and CZA hops. 6.5% ABV

Appearance: Thick amount of snow white head to start off anything, to the point that I've let it settle for a good while and it's still got a thick amount of head on top. The body is a hazy golden appearance that's almost orange, but not quite. Bit of sediment at the bottom of the glass.

Aroma: Fruity! Lots of tropical fruit presence - guava, pineapple, orange peel and a bit of pineapple at the end. It's also got a decent amount of leafy hop presence to it, slight bitterness but overwhelmed by the tropical presence of the hops.

Taste: Sweet, yeasty and somewhat leafy Hazy IPA. There's a bit of pineapple and lemon popping out, but I'm getting mostly yeast - it's heavy and has a bit of a doughy sourdough presence to it. Leafy and somewhat piny hops, hint of caramel sweetness. It's very heavy but somehow easy to drink, pear aftertaste.

Overall Thoughts: Not bad, a bit heavier than I expected but lots of tropical notes coming out everywhere. I miss Flying Monkeys, they were one of my favourite breweries in 2010.. so I think I'll have to order some beer from them when I'm not broke as they offer Canada-wide delivery on their website (excluding Quebec, most likely).

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