Review: Pike Creek 10 Year Old Whisky Finished in Rum Barrels

It's been a while since I've reviewed a Whisky but I received a bottle of Pike Creek's 10 Year Old Whisky finished in rum barrels for Christmas, so I think this is going to be a real nice treat! 

From the label: Pike Creek is aged in oak casks in a non-climate controlled warehouse, exposing it to Canada's severe temperature swings. This creates an incredibly smooth yet complex whisky, which is then finished in rum barrels to bring out notes of molasses and vanilla. 42% ABV

Appearance: Clear and caramel-amber appearance, pretty much what every Whisky looks like to me 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Aroma: I get goosebumps just smelling this. It's incredibly boozy with a very rich oak presence to it. Lots of oak presence to it, notes of brown sugar, vanilla, rye grain to give it a bit of spiciness, and a hint of rum at the end. It's a tad sweeter than a typical Canadian Whisky for me so far, which I'm thinking is from the finishing from the Rum barrels. Lastly, as I keep trying to pick out the aromas, I get a bit of a butterscotch presence at the end.

Taste: Very oak-forward with a woody bitterness right from the beginning. A light amount of caramel sweetness, bit of brown sugar, vanilla and a spiciness of rye that gives off a tingling of the palate. There's a decent amount of rum popping out, coming out mostly as a sweet brown sugar presence with complimenting notes of vanilla.

Overall Thoughts: Solid Whisky. It's a bit sweeter than your typical Canadian Whisky thanks to the addition of the rum barrel finish but not too sweet. I get shivers from every time I smell or taste this, it's pretty strong.. but that generally happens for just about any Whisky. Oaky as heck, spiced rye grain, tasty!

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