Review: Microbrasserie Riverbend Berliner Weisse à la cerise griotte

Merci Stef for sending this my way! Today's review is Microbrasserie Riverbend's Berliner Weisse à la cerise griotte

From the label: Quelle chance d’avoir un producteur de cerises sures pr√®s de notre brasserie. Nos amis de Merci la Terre nous les ont cueillies de leurs merveilleux cerisiers. Avec l’ajout des griottes, l’acidit√© de notre berliner weisse explose en bouche. Quand le corps de la bi√®re rencontre l’√Ęme du fruit. 

(Rough Translation): What great luck to have to a sour cherry producer close to our brewery. Our friends over at Merci la Terre had us pick these awesome cherries from their trees. With the addition of griottes, the acidity of our Berliner Weisse will explode in your mouth when the body meets the fruit's soul. 5.6% ABV

Appearance: Deep cherry red profile (somewhat pink) with a bit of murkiness to it, though it is a bit clear at the beginning. It has an appearance that reminds me of cranberry juice. Good amount of carbonation in the body while the head is very light with a light pink hue to it.

Aroma: Tart, sweet, notes of sour cherries, a bit of a hard cherry candy presence to it. Fairly light surprisingly, so far. very subtle for a Berliner Weisse.

Taste: Oh, it's a good amount more tart than the aroma but not in any way mouth-puckering like I was expecting. It's sweet with a tart cherry presence to it, a bit of a graininess.. and a bit of a hard candy sweetness to it. A bit of a lemon pops up here and there, a bit of a tingling sour mouthfeel, and a lemon/tart aftertaste at the end that doesn't last too long.

Overall Thoughts: Pretty candy-like for a Berliner Weisse, I was expecting it to be much more tart/sour but it was pretty agreeable with my palate. Somewhat sour cherries that are more sweet than sour/tart. This is something I could easily drink again without feeling nauseous or anything.

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