Review: Beau's Wag the Wolf White IPA (2019)

I picked up a four-pack of Beau's Fall 2019 mix pack last week as it was being cleared out at the LCs in my neck of the woods. The following beer I've actually reviewed in the past but hey.. it's never too bad to re-review it! The biggest difference is that most of Beau's beers are in cans rather than 600mL bottles stamped with the brewery logo.. cans are in now days!

Today's review is Beau's Wag the Wolf White IPA. I reviewed this beer back in 2017 and you can view that review here. As someone who loves both witbiers and IPAs, this is definitely something worth revisiting.

From the website: "Wag the Wolf is a hazy white I.P.A. that packs bright and citrusy organic hops into every sip. Brewed with a substantial ratio of organic wheat to barley malts, its aromas of lemon and grapefruit lead into a finish that is lively and refreshingly hoppy." 5.0% ABV

Appearance: Wag the Wolf pours a cloudy lemon yellow body with a good amount of carbonation, more than expected. The head is a bit of a frothy white head that diminishes fairly quickly, a bit of lacing on the side of the glass but the foam actually stays put for the most part.

Aroma: This is probably one of my favourite Beau's beers even though I've only had it a few times prior to this review (including the other review). This has a real rich Belgian witbier presence to it but also has a bit of a West Coast IPA presence at the same time. The very first thing I got from the beer this time around was that this beer has a lot of coriander - it's got a good amount of spice to it (peppercorn), there's also a good amount of orange peel, black pepper, and lemon citrus. The beer has a nice hoppiness to it that's mostly a floral/leafy presence to it, slightly bitter.

Taste: The first thing I got this time around was a definite presence of peppercorn spice which I didn't expect to be as potent as it is. There's a good deal of coriander which plays into the spice profile in this beer, a bit of orange peel, white bread, lemon and a bit of cracked grains at the end. Not as sweet/citrusy as I'd expect. One thing that surprisingly popped up that I found in the first batch was the presence of floral/herbal notes from the hops.. but especially the presence of dill.. this popped out at me last time around and definitely did this time around as well. The hops were mostly dill/leafy which I wasn't really expecting.. but I stated I got a good deal of dill last time around so makes sense.

Overall: I didn't steal notes from my 2018 review when I was writing this but many of the things I got from the 2018 batch I also got in the 2019 but I feel this around there was much more coriander/peppercorn notes than what I remembered (which I don't). It's floral, definitely peppery and coriandery, smooth though my mother would cringe so hard that the galaxy would implode. Dill.

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