Review: Twin Sails Dat Juice (redux)

So, the last few hours have been really weird. I spilled beer on me and it was mostly Dat Juice by Twin Sails out of Vancouver. Yeah, I feel like I should've sampled the beer but I was in a rush that I didn't get to try it at all.. but I did spill it all over myself.. so I have that going on.

Edit: I have sampled this beer but just didn't remember sampling it.

Dat Juice is 5.2% ABV and has malted wheat and then heavily hopped with 100% Citra hops. Tropical galore.

Appearance: I accidentally spilled some of the beer on myself. Dat Juice has a tropical orange juice appearance to it, very hazy with orange and pineapple to it, light amount of snow white head on top.. it diminishes pretty quickly.

Aroma: Citrusy as hell! Notes of orange, pineapple, a bit of oats, even more orange.. a bit of cream to give it a creamsicle vibe to it. There's a bit of lemon at the end but we all know what this beer smells like!

Taste: After the tropical paradise I just sampled, I still get that in every sip. This time around, I get a lot of oaty cereal presence to it. It's sweet with orange and mango, a bit of pineapple and lemon. A bit yeasty/bready but nothing else really pops out for me. Seeing this is 5.2% ABV, I definitely feel a bit tipsy from this beer.

Overall Thoughts: Nothing really to say, it's a tropical IPA with orange, mango and a bit of pineapple. I visited Twin Sails a month and a half ago and didn't sample this beer at all.. though I was enjoying juicy IPAs while I was there!

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