Review: Kilter Fog Machine Galaxy Double IPA

Just like most of you, I'm in self isolation for at least the next two weeks, so I feel it's time to catch up on reviews.. there's a lot I have to review! Today's selection is Kilter Brewing's Fog Machine Galaxy Double IPA. I've been a big fan of the Fog Galaxy series of IPAs, it reminds me a bit of Montreal's Vox Populi's Vox Pop IPA series, where a different hop is being used for each and every release they come out with.

Many years ago, I fell in love with Galaxy hops thanks to a tropical West Coast IPA from BC, and ever since then I've been a big fan of tropical hopped IPAs to this very day.

Fog Machine Galaxy is 8.0% ABV

Appearance: Has a murky dark orange juice appearance to it. The head has a moderate beige creaminess to it and leaves behind a nice layered lacing as the beer goes down bit by bit.

Aroma: Sweet, juicy, tropical and floral. There's notes of orange, pineapple, a slight creamsicle vibe to it. There are floral notes of alfalfa, a bit of leafiness and a slight booziness to it.

Taste: Creamy, bitter, boozy, sweet and tropical. The first thing I get is a creaminess to it, with a light pine bitterness to it. a light oaty cereal presence, very sweet tropical notes of orange and pineapple. There's a hint of alfalfa floral presence again, a bit of a boozy burn which isn't surprising at 8%. The beer is fairly smooth to the palate but leaves behind a light bitterness that gives off a bit of a tingling sensation on the palate.

Overall Thoughts: Sweet, tropical, floral and full on juicy. 

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