Review: Low Life Barrel House Diabel Boruta Tart Wine Saison

It's been nearly two months since I've last seen Low Life Barrel House's beer in Brandon but yesterday when I was doing my regular visit to the LC, I was shocked to see their Diabel Boruta Wine Saison in stock. The beer was apparently supposed to be in town nearly a month ago but it got delayed in shipping.

Diabel Boruta is a Tart Wine Saison that is Brett fermented, blended with Riesling must and dry hopped with Enigma and Hallertau hops.

Appearance: Pours a golden straw body with a light amount of cloudiness. The beer is very carbonated and the head fizzles near immediately, leaving behind only a few dozen bubbles that are located mostly near the side of the glass or the middle of the body.

Aroma: I got notes of the Riesling wine must from the very first sniff. Notes of white wine, Brett yeast, oak, apple and pear fruit. Light amount of sour notes, a hint of cereal graininess. Smells a bit like a white wine mixed with a Saison.. which I guess is what it kind of is.

Taste: A bit tart with notes of Riesling white wine, good amount of sweetness, notes of Brett yeast to give off a bit of a funkiness to it, bit of lemon, fairly dry. The aftertaste is a bit of a cereal taste but also a bit of pear.

Overall Thoughts: Quite a wine-style Saison. I've had a few beers brewed with wine or wine must over the years but this one has the Riesling pop out pretty big time. Decent Saison with a nice tartness that's not overly tart. I'll definitely be buying more of this,.

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