Review: Microbrasserie Charlevoix's La Vache Folle Imperial Milk Stout

Microbrasserie Charlevoix is simply amazing - I've never had a bad beer by them, and when their beers were briefly available in Manitoba, I'd buy it and hoard it. Their La Vache Folle Imperial Milk Stout is known as one of the best milk stouts in all of North America so it's time for me to try it myself!

Appearance: Pours a thick murky black stout, just like what you would expect from a.. stout. A decent amount of caramel-like head, a bit foamy and creamy on top, looks a bit like a whipped topping.

Aroma: There's notes of milk chocolate, a bit of coffee, and overall - reminds me of milk and growing up on the farm, a very fresh from the farm aroma in there.

Taste: A very creamy mouthfeel which is reminiscent of a creamy mocha latte. A big zing of alcohol with it being 9% ABV - reminiscent of my dad's favourite drink - Sheridans. Lots of chocolate, even more of a hint of milk, light notes of roasted coffee from the malt.

Overall Thoughts: Very reminiscent of chocolate milk straight from la vache on the farm, but if the vache only ate malted barley and spewed out alcohol! Very creamy, very noticeable milk notes in here. Very creamy, sweet milk chocolate, light coffee notes, 9% ABV, overall it's one of the best Imperial Stouts I've had in a long time, very creamy!

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Anonymous said...

This is certainly a classic, and we are spoiled in Quebec. Because it's generally available, I never buy it. But you sir have inspired me and I'll grab one soon!