Skunkworth's Barleyslime: Bud Lime STRAW-ber-RITA

Today's one of those "oh god Cody, what did you get yourself into?" days. I don't know why I bought a can of Bud Light Lime Straw-ber-rita but.. I did. Mainly so I could review it and see how bad it is for myself? Bud Lime Strawberita is Anheuser-Busch InBev's (Labatt) newest take on "beer", and by "beer" I mean fruity coolers. Remember Zima? That's where I find Labatt is heading now days, they haven't created a new product aimed towards the beer drinking crowd of all time, but instead - they're trying to get cooler/cocktail drinking young adults to drink their products.

Straw-ber-rita is Bud Light's take on Bud Light Lime meets a strawberry margarita.

Appearance: Bud Lime Strawberita looks like a strawberry cooler with some radioactive material added to it. The incredibly bright red hue to it is just NOT natural. It's reminiscent to some of the fruity coolers you can find on shelves today, but somehow brighter. It's incredibly fizzy and carbonated, like as if it's using sprite instead of beer as a base. Are they actually using any beer in this? Doubtful.

Aroma: The strong pungent smell of strawberry syrup is the first and foremost smell in here. It's so sweet and strong that it's giving me a headache (no lies!) Very sugary and 430 calories per 473mL serving, not a drink for the diet conscious people at all, but with the big heaping of sucralose in every serving, this is for those who want a beer that doesn't taste like a beer.

Taste: Tastes like it smells, fake strawberry syrup, sucralose - and lots of it, the feeling of my teeth rotting as I sip on this and a very sweet malt liquor sort of flavour at the back of my mouth. There's a vague taste of soap in there, but overall.. this reminds me of those cheap VOX coolers that come in a big plastic 1L jug. An incredibly sticky feeling mouth after drinking this and some syrupy sludge on my tongue.

Overall Thoughts: This reminds me of all those malt liquor based coolers that were the rage a decade ago like Zima.. who knew that Anheuser-Busch InBev would try to force feed this stuff again. Bud Light Lime Straw-ber-rita is incredibly sweet, overly syrupy strawberry-like flavour. I just noticed that this malt liquor product isn't branded as "Bud Light Lime" but rather "Bud Lime", but considering it's 8% ABV and well over 400 calories per 473mL can, I think Health Canada would be shutting this product down fast if it had "lite" or "light" in the name. This is a product for those who don't like the taste of beer, but seriously.. why would you be buying beer when coolers offer a better flavour than a malt liquor product? Because branding, that's why. Bros are gonna drink this shit up. But hey.. at 8% per can, it's easy to get buzzed on this stuff at $3.30/can, but then you WILL have the worst sugar hangovers of your life (or vibrant red piss).

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