Review: Bellwoods Wizard Wolf Session Ale

Bellwoods Brewery is another Canadian brewery that's booming in popularity so much that beer geeks are having an incredibly hard time finding their product. Well, this isn't a surprise as it's rated as the best brewery in Ontario according to Their Wizard Wolf Session Ale (Pale Ale) is the first I've tried by them.

Appearance: Wizard Wolf pours a cloudy copper-orange ale with some sediment, unfiltered for usre! A nice lacing of beige foam on top that's not going anywhere at all. Looks like a solid Pale Ale already!

Aroma: More hops than an entire tank of Alexander Keith's! Quite a west coast aromatic American Pale Ale, notes of grapefruit, pine, a bit of a sugariness to it, lightly soapy and overall a bitter pale ale.. mmm!

Taste: A bit soapy again, but that's all okay! Flavours of bitter hops that give off a bitter pine flavour to it, a sweet caramel sweetness backing, slightly bready and hops keep coming back for more! Not as bitter as I expected compared to many American Pale Ales, but the caramel malt mixed with the hops give it a nice balanced flavour in it - not as bitter as the aroma would let you to believe.

Overall Thoughts: A very solid pale ale, more of an IPA than Alexander Keith's will ever be, quite a nicely hopped pale ale with a great caramel malt backing. I'll certainly be drinking this again.. if I get my hands on it, quite solid, so it's not a surprise that Bellwoods Brewery is quickly turning into one of Canada's best breweries!

A session pale ale at 4.8% ABV.. has beautiful artwork on the label and very flavourful for being a session!

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