Review: Pit Caribou IPA Américaine

As you can tell, I've been pretty quiet on this site lately.. part of it is because I'm crankier than ever, and another part has to do with that I'm always busy with work or writing up my First Draught for the Sun, but I'm still here, and still reviewing beers!

The first tasting for the first time in a while is Pit Caribou IPA Américaine - a take on the American hop-forward IPAs that we happen to know and love here in Canada. Pit Caribou was one of my favourite breweries from Quebec ever since a great beer geek friend of mine sent me a bottle of HOLY SHIT, THIS VERY SAME BEER! Holy, I actually reviewed this beer back in 2012, but since it now has a brand new bottle - with a really perty painted label, I didn't realize I had tried this already, but the IPA Américaine was one of THE best Quebec IPAs I've ever had, tied with Le Castor's Yakima IPA.

Appearance: IPA Américaine pours a very cloudy honey-copper orange, there's a huge amount of floating sediment, a nice light glazing of off-white foam that goes down ever so slowly, but when it's done, leaves a nice amount of film on the side of the glassware, as well as a minimal amount of foam on the top of the beer.

Aroma: La bière has a very bitter, yet a fresh cut grass aroma to it, lightly nutty, scents of pine, a light sprinkling of yeastiness in there, very hoppy and very floral.

Taste: I'm currently burping up hops, it's a very bitter floral hop forward IPA, minimal malt notes, a slight caramel sweetness but that's all. Grainy as heck, not surprising as the beer is very thick for an IPA, lots of graininess in the beer seeing as of course.. it's unfiltered. Quite a bitter IPA, but eassssy to drink. A bit of a creamy and bitter hop aftertaste after the beer's done.

Overall Thoughts: Still one of the best Quebec IPAs I've had, very floral, very hop forward. It's only 7% ABV and 77 IBU but it feels like it's more on both ends.

La Gaspésie proves that beer from rural Canada can be amazingly awesome. Now we need a beer like this by a rural Manitoban brewery.

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