Review: Granville Island Shipload of Hops Imperial IPA

Of course this beer is a play on words of "Shitload of hops" and I appreciate the commedy out of it on Granville Island's part!

Appearance: Shipload of Hops Imperial IPA pours a rich yet clear reddish honey brown ale with a very thick amount of beige head that will NOT go down, it's here for the long run.

Aroma:. Shipload has the aroma of sweet caramel malt, light amount of alfalfa, a bit of a breadiness, quite sweet for an Imperial IPA. Light hoppiness, but not exactly where it shows up to the game.

Taste: A syrupy Imperial IPA with caramel malt as the forerunner of the beer. Bit of a creamy mouth feel, a bit of a bitterness coming from a mixture of the hops and the high 8.7% ABV alcohol content. Incredibly light bitterness, this is much more of a tropical IPA than anything else.

Overall Thoughts: For it being a West Coast Imperial India Pale Ale, I was shocked how lack-of-bitterness this beer was. It was more of a British style IPA in the sense that the caramel malt was much more predominant than the bitter & floral hops were, it was as if the hops were busy playing in a beer league hockey game. There were minor notes of cascade here and there, but that's about it. It's incredibly sweet and caramelly, reminds me more of a Wee Heavy Scotch style ale, but with more hops. Then again, at 8.7% ABV, you WILL likely get a bit of a buzz from the beer. Not what I expected for a beer with the name of "Shipload of Hops", but I still enjoyed it for the sweet caramel creaminess.

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