Review: Boréale Bière naturelle India Pale Ale

One from the old hoard - Boréale IPA is one of Boréale's most popular beers part of the Natural Ale line.

Appearance: Boréale IPA pours a cloudy copper-orange beer with no ability to see through it. Very thick and creamy whipped beige foam.

Aroma: A bit like paint, minimal amount of bitter hoppiness in there. Hint of floral maltiness in there, quite creamy, decent amount of hops though lighter than most IPAs out there.

Taste: Creamy mouthfeel is the first thing I notice, a bit of a caramel maltiness, light bitterness of hops, a bit sweet, light bitter aftertaste but past its best before date.

Overall Thoughts: Should've drank this sooner.

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