What the LC needs less off

Here's a short list of beer that the MLCC needs less of:

  • Light Lime lagers - there's Miller Chill, Russell Lime, Russell LEMON, Bud Light Lime, Molson 67 Sublime, Moosehead Light Lime. I'm sure even more this summer.
  • 5 different package sizes of Coors Light. Sell two package sizes and if they want a 6 pack or a 30 pack, let them buy it at a vendor.
  • Import lagers - I find most import lagers taste the same. Keep the Heinekens and the Coronas, as people will keep demanding it. Instead of 4 different German lagers that taste the same, they should stock more decent German beer.
  • Molson Dry, Keystone, Keystone Light
Honestly, when I think of the MLCC, I think that for beer selection, they should be pushing mainly microbrews, minimal macros (just the basics), local beer and stuff that would be awesome to pair food with. We're in a period where beer is no longer thought the same as it was 5 years ago. People come by the local LC once or twice a month just to buy as many of x new beer to try it, save it for future and review it, like myself. However, this is Manitoba. People here would prefer Bud Light Lime in plastic bottles over a 500mL bottle of a delicious mocha stout.

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