Cranky Friday Links - March 30

Friday's already here, So that means time for this week's Cranky Friday Links! Click to read more.

My alter ego at reviewed Le Garage's poutine in St Boniface. Did I enjoy it? (Link)

Fort Garry's Kona Stout is still MIA at Liquor Marts as the fancy painted bottles haven't arrived yet has arrived at several MLCC locations in Winnipeg, I'm not sure if it's in Brandon yet, but check it out! If you want to try it on tap, try it on tap at Luxalune, Smitty's (I know the location on St James has it), King's Head and Round Table.

Ben suggests some beers that will get you in the mood (Link)

Dead Frog Brewery out of BC was featured on CBC's new hit TV show The Big Decision with Virden, Manitoba's own Jim Treliving (Dragon's Den, owner of Boston Pizza). If you're in Canada, you can watch the episode in full (Link)

Apparently if you drink two beers per day, you're less likely to suffer a heart attack, so how about a CHEERS! to that! (Link)

Frank, Mr Freaky Whisky himself, reviewed Isle of Jura 16 year old Whisky (en français) (Link)

Looking for a bite to eat while in Churchill, Manitoba, the polar bear capital of the world? Shel has some recommendations for you (Link)

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