Coors Light Iced T is why we can't have niced things

Not Coming Soon to my palate!
Come on Molson Coors, stop producing such weird wtf? swill and make a beer that beer drinkers will actually appreciate. With beer like Miller Chill, Molson 67, Molson M, and now Coors Light Iced Tea, (er.. actually it's called Coors Light Iced T), you only alienate real beer drinkers more.

Not only that, us beer drinkers will have to hear from cooler drinking friends how much Coors Light Iced T tastes so good, when, it doesn't!

Stuff like that is why I don't drink your products. I want a beer that tastes like a beer, not a cooler. The microbrew revolution is happening right now, and iced tea will not help you out, although the iced tea will  be a success, unfortunately. #firstworldproblem

Of course it will be a success when they have tens of millions of dollars to advertise it during every hockey game, football game and during Survivor. I wish people would wake up already and go "wow, this beer tastes like crap." But one problem is that quite often they aren't given a chance to try new stuff, mainly because stuff like this is advertised everywhere, so that's all they know.

Lastly, Molson Coors hasn't done a revolutionary thing in any sense. While Anheuser InBev changed the OMG I don't like beer so put lime in it market, Toronto's Mill Street Brewery has already had a Lemon Tea beer for a few years now

Cranky guy out!