Cranky Friday Links - March 23

Here's some links for this week's Cranky Friday Links - Click to read more:

I reviewed Half Pints' Black Galaxy Black IPA courtesy of Chris! (Link)

Adrian was in Florida, that lucky jerk checked out Dogfish Head's 90 Minute IPA (Link)

Groulxsome created a website dedicated to capturing the history of beer from Newfoundland & Labrador (Link)

Mike is continuing his reviewing spree of Boulevard beers, this time Boulevard Amber Ale (Link)

JonnyBeers' Cellar makes me weep in jealousy, and he's coming to Winnipeg at the end of the month (Link)

As you know, cooking with beer is getting more popular. What about cooking with only Pilsner for beer? (Link)

Brandon, Manitoba is getting its very first Beer Festival, ever. The local Rotaract Club is putting it on. Tickets are $25 and the festival will be taking place April 21. (Link)

I'm in Winnipeg Birds Hill Park so.. I can't believe it's well above 0C, lack of snow and I've already sported shorts & tshirt already this last (it's officially spring as of this week) season! Cheers!

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