Review: Garrison Martello Stout

Oh boy, another "Premium Beer!" Haha, this time I'll live with it as it's a stout instead of a golden lager, and Garrison Brewing out of Halifax, Nova Scotia is a very solid brewery.

I've been meaning to try Garrison's Martello Stout for a year now, but due to other beer reviews, it had been on the back burner.. until now! Also, it was an instance of that it will be there the next time I was at the LC.

I really enjoyed their Imperial India Pale Ale, which is the TRUE Nova Scotian IPA, unlike Keith's, so of course I needed to try more of their beers. The beer was about $5.70 before tax for a 500mL bottle, so it's pricier than some micros, but about average.

Appearance: Pours a thick dark rich blackness with a bit of head.. being that it's a bit of a creamy burnt caramel colour, slightly darker than Sweet Nikki Brown head.

Aroma: A nice roasty maltiness (bit smokey) in the aroma, nice, sweet. Bit of chocolatey coming out of it. Just a hint of espresso. My favourite kind of stout!

Taste: A bit of zing comes from the roasty malt, like a bit of smoke spiciness. I notice a bit of chocolate and a bit of espresso.. actually the more I drink it, more and more espresso. It's been far too long since I last had an Espresso Stout. I like this one.

Overall Thoughts: Very solid stout. Like a coffee (or in this case, espresso) styled stout? Then get it, of course! To compare it, it reminds me of a combination of two or three stouts. From the smoke spiciness I'm getting, it reminds me of Lava Stout, but noooo where as smokey.. the smokiness is very bearable if you don't like that sort of thing, also reminds me a bit of St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout a bit, and Sierra Nevada Stout. It is around $5.70 for a 500mL bottle, the ABV is ONLY 4.8% so considering that, they packed a lot of flavour without packing it with much alcohol.. so it's good for a mid afternoon (late lunch) drink.. if you're allowed to do something like that (like me, who is unemployed! Well, I guess this IS my job!)

Love stout? Get it? Love chocolate or espresso? Get it. Love a bit of smokey zing? Get it. Hate dark beer? Why are you reading this? I'm kidding! Every person's beer tastes differs!

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