Review: Henderson Food Truck Lagered Blonde

Thanks to the peeps over at Toronto's Henderson Brewing for sending this my way! I received a message from them a month or so ago asking me if I wanted to try out their RUSH beer, well.. who wouldn't?! They sent me a nice care package featuring the RUSH beer (review coming very soon) as well as some of their other staples. I'm not able to get their beer in Manitoba so it's nice to be able to try some beers I wouldn't have tried otherwise.  PS - check out my review of Henderson's RUSH Canadian Golden Ale here!

Today's sampling is their Food Truck Lagered Blonde Ale. These past two summers of COVID were big on me to drink lagers, pilsners and light blonde ales so I'm always looking to try the next big thing, especially as these styles are becoming big in the craft beer scene now days.

Appearance: Golden blonde with a bit of a honey-hue to it. There's a LOT of carbonation in the body and a very thick beige head on top. The head diminishes just a tad to leave behind bunches of bubbles on the glass.

Aroma: Sweet maltiness right from the beginning, lots of graininess that reminds me of the sniff of a grainery (farm kids will know what I mean), notes of honey, noble hops to give it a light floral presence as well as a grassiness to it. Sharper than many Lagered-style Blonde Ales so far.

Taste: Quite a sweet malt-forward Lagered Blonde Ale. It's got a sweet wet barley presence to it, notes of honey, a bit of a raw barley taste (again: farm kids will know), grassy and floral hops. Notes of straw and a bit of saltine crackers at the end. Aftertaste is a hint of straw.

Overall Thoughts: In my neck of the woods, it's past the crushable lager season but this is definitely one that fits that profile. It's definitely more aggressive in malt than most lagers or blonde ales similar to this but it's very approachable, smooth and works well after a long workday. Very smooth lagered blonde ale, grainy, honey, grassy hops.

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