Review: Henderson Brewing Rush Canadian Golden Ale

The awesome peeps over at Henderson Brewing sent me a really nice care package a few weeks ago, with the main focus being their new RUSH Canadian Golden Ale. I've seen a LOT of Canadian breweries collaboration with various breweries on a beer.. but not on an extent like one of the most famous bands of all time, RUSH! This review is 100% in honour of my buddy Dallas, possibly the biggest RUSH fan I'll ever know.

From the website: After years in the making, we're so excited to be launching our beer with RUSH! This Rye Golden Ale pours a gorgeous old gold colour, with a dense, ivory head. Notes of orange, caramel and black tea accompanied by a piney & citric hop character welcome you at the sip; then followed by a dry spicy, bitter finish reminiscent of white rye bread. 5.5% ABV

very bright golden straw body, rich honey-like hue to it. Good amount of clarity to it and quite a liberal amount of carbonation to it. Thick light beige head on top that diminishes with no noticeable lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Sweet Blonde ale with notes of honey, hint of champagne, grassy hops, slight hint of bubble gum, slight graininess. Very smooth Blonde so far, not aggressive at all.

Taste: Smooth, sweet ale with notes of honey, notes of spice from the rye.. but faint at best, tad graininess, very smooth for mouthfeel and the aftertaste is a lingering yet light spiciness from the rye malt.

Overall Thoughts: I'll be blunt - I'm not a fan of RUSH at all - in my antsy and overly bitter teenage years, I grew up as a Guess Who/BTO fan.. to the point that I've seen various forms of those bands and their spin-offs more than anything else in my life. Oh, I was just at the Manitoba 150 anniversary concert where Bachman Cummings Band and Tom Cochrane & Red Rider performed and both bands had one band member in common - Jeff Jones. Well, Jones was the original lead singer and bassist of the band that would end up becoming RUSH, eventually being replaced by the one and only Geddy Lee, such a small world out there. 

As for the beer, this is a truly Canadian kind of golden ale, it's sweet, smooth, a tad spiced and something I feel like Bob & Doug McKenzie would be drinking today. Imagine if this was in Stubby format, eh??

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