Review: Andina Sabrosa Premium Craft Lager

Approximately ten or eleven years ago I made a bold statement stating that all lagers that consider themselves premium (quality) lagers were always poor quality beers - they were overly sweet, sometimes nauseating and brewed with low quality ingredients. Well, times change and sometimes something premium can be okay. I've sampled a few lagers by Andina already and haven't minded them, so I think that their Sabrosa Premium Craft Lager will be not bad at all. 5% ABV

Appearance: Light golden straw body with a lot of carbonation in the body, moderate amount of snow white head on top that diminishes rather quickly, leaving behind patches without any bubbles on top.

Aroma: Quite a sweet-forward malty lager.. in fact it may be a bit too sweet - almost has a champagne-like sweetness to it, a tad aggressive. Hint of apple, grassy hops.

Taste: I was about to write this off as another Premium Quality beer but the taste is much better than the aroma. It's still a sweet-forward lager but it's not too sweet, rather, it's a sweet and crisp lager with notes of honey, grassy hops, tad bit of graininess. 

Overall Thoughts: Not bad, the aroma was off-putting but the taste was decent, easy to drink and smooth. Nothing to write home about but drinkable for sure.

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