Review: Beauregard Impériale Latté Praliné

One of my buddies sent me this beer back in the summer and when I saw it, I knew it wasn't something I was meant to sample back then (in the summer). Now that it's a moody, cold, frigid prairie winter here in Manitoba, Beauregard Brasserie Distillerie's Impériale Latté Praliné makes sense now more than ever. 

From the label (translated by moi): This rich and creamy stout combines the perfection taste of café latte, maple butter and sugary nuts (predominantly almonds and pecans). 9.0% ABV / 40 IBU

Appearance:  I love stouts this time of year, so I'm glad I waited to open this up - It's heavy, black as the night and has a moderate (I think too light) burnt caramel head on top.

Aroma:  Rich notes of coffee, a lot of toffee, cream, a slight burning aroma at the end. Roasty and a tad peaty.

Taste: Very syrupy right from the initial sip, as if I was drinking coffee that was doused in maple syrup, serieusement! Notes of caramel, a bit of nuttiness from pralines and whatnot, roasted malt to give it a bit of coffee and peat to it. 

Overall Thoughts: Very boozy with a heavy caramel & pralines kind of vibe to it, very syrupy. Not quite latté-ish but all in all... this is delicious.

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